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Posted On 26 Dec 2014
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Would you have known it? But there is a beautiful SPA right in the centre of town two minutes from the Boulevard Royal. You might be forgiven for driving past this gem and not giving it much notice, given the busy traffic right outside this little oasis of tranquility.

It’s ideal for after work relaxation and to let go of the stress through the day. From inside you can watch the hectic rush hour traffic unfolding as you are relaxing in one of its beautiful pools. There is also the possibility to have massages against a fee and enjoy a drink at the pool bar.

Then again also the communal sunbeds upstairs are fairly popular and there is a gym which gives you a great view onto the pool downstairs. There are many lawyers and bankers that hang out here after work.

Good to know

Getting there

Regular bus services stop right outside the Badanstalt, literally.
additional services
– Sauna
– massage sessions

Some ideas

Opposite the Badanstalt, there is the very popular Mamacita restaurant/bar where you could drop by for a delicious Mexican meal or drink after work.

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