Want to have a great work life balance then Luxembourg is the best choice.Explore the top 10 best places to see and things to do in Luxembourg City.
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Luxembourg City

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The Fox's preferred nightly cosmopolitan hangouts reviewed by our critics.

We believe that our current selection of bars and clubs are amongst the best in town for cosmopolitans like yourself.

Enjoy our recommendation and immerse yourself in the capital's diverse nightlife! Occasionally great parties are being hosted that completely take people by surprise. If you hear about an event that you believe is worth spreading the word about, drop a line and we might advertise it. Let's get this party started! 7403251

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Afterwork - Top 5

You know you deserve it because you worked hard. -But, where exactly are the best places to enjoy a chilled glass of toxic? Well, find out from our list.

Flatshare in Luxembourg

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'LATEST REVIEW: HITCH upcoming review: Octan's and Café des Capucins'


Latest club reviews

Bypass (Uptown)

Bypass is probably the most cosmopolitan club in town. It aims to position itself as a bit more exclusive and has a more intimate venue. Can have a great vibe!

Magnum (Glacis)

Although Magnum is next to Glacis, it is nevertheless in the heart of the city if you walk through the small park. The club is big and tends to get packed about 1-2am.

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the unexpected...

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'The White House and Gotham (club) at Glacis are fairly close to each other. People often chilling out at Hitch or the White House before moving over to Gotham.'

Occasionally great individual nights are organized by our friends at Ciceron. Ask around when you are out for someone that can invite you to Ciceron events which tend to happen at different venues across the city.'

The latest concerts, shows and festival




Rockafield is one of the best open-air festivals in Luxembourg that attracts large crowds each year and tends to feature a great lineup. Tucked away in the forest area in Roeser, there is a real hype around the festival with the smart fox and sales for tickets for 2015 have already opened at www.rockafield.lu and www.atelier.lu


Musical theatre

Several theatre shows, such as ‘Notre Dame de Paris’, the Rocky Horror show, or ‘The Westside Story’  are in town particularly around the Christmas period. However, these are very popular indeed and sell out quickly. It is advisable to book tickets as soon as they come out.


Rockhal concert Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a vibrant concert scene with numerous top acts from ACDC to Santana stopping over either in the capital or the Rockhal (South Luxembourg). A quick train connection gets you swiftly to the Rockhal which is no more than 20 min from Lux city. The train station (Esch – Terres Rouges) is right outside the concert hall.

Concerts take place pretty much across the whole year. One highlight of the concert season is the Rockafield festival which takes place towards the very end of June. Book tickets early to avoid disappointment.

There is also the ‘Fete de la musique’ in Luxembourg city which is a free open-air concert right in the heart of the city and draws in larger crowds. Also ‘Rock um Knueddler’ is another popular and free concert taking place in June as part of the ‘summer in the city’ programme.

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Terres Rouges Festival


Need a timeout from all the partying?

Check out Ladies’ Night at Utopolis (Kirchberg)

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