Want to have a great work life balance then Luxembourg is the best choice.Explore the top 10 best places to see and things to do in Luxembourg City.
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Luxembourg City

Luxembourg in 48 hours

Your tourist guide to one of the world's smallest countries, full of big surprises.
Posted on: Wed Aug 2014

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Our guide makes sure that you will have an unforgettable time in Europe’s smallest capital and return home with a big smile. Luxembourg is ideal as a quick getaway and easily reachable from London by plane (1h) or Paris with the high speed train.*
Arrival: Friday evening

PictureOnce you made yourself comfortable at your hotel in the late afternoon, go for a stroll across the old town at Place d’Armes and the Grand Duke’s Palace. There are in fact numerous choices that won’t leave you disappointed to find a good restaurant. Two of the pizzerias that stand out in uptown are Onesto or Bacchus next to the ‘chambre des députés’. After dinner, either go to the ‘Corniche’ to admire the view onto the city at night time or if you are ready to explore the nightlife, the area around the Palace and GoTen is the way forward. The nightlife in the city starts later after a relaxed dinner with friends and things start to heat up from 11pm onwards.

Saturday morning (sight seeing & Petrusse walk)


Start off your day with a healthy breakfast at ‘La Table du Pain’, uptown close to the ‘Place d’Armes’ so you have more time to explore. Once you have eaten, it’s time to do some sight-seeing at Luxembourg’s national monument, the Golden Lady located at ‘Place de la constitution’. The Golden Lady offers a breath-taking view of the Petrusse valley and is a well-known vantage point. What many visitors do not know though is the small stairway that can be found on the side of the ‘Place de la constitution’ that leads down to the Petrusse. Once you walked down this stairway, it’s time to explore the Petrusse Valley with its beautiful fortress ruins, impressive sights of the old city and strange rock formations. There is a real sense of faded grandeur as you follow the path of the Petrusse, past the fortifications with its gaping black holes and walk towards the citadelle to eventually get to the lift in ‘the Grund’ which will swiftly bring you back uptown and exit at the Holy Ghost plateau.
Saturday lunch & shopping

PictureOnce back at Rue de Chimey (close to the Golden Lady) strengthen yourself at La Soupe and get a tasty and equally healthy meal of fresh soup (it’s tasty!) before doing some shopping. There are in fact a surprising number of intriguing and cool shops located in the Grand Rue, the Rue Philippe II as well as it’s adjacent streets which make for a great place to find a gift for your loved ones. All of these are located uptown and of course there are many other options such as in the avenue de la Liberty or the avenue de la Gare, closer to the train station.

Saturday afternoon – Wenzel’s tour 
Each Saturday at 3 o’clock the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (meeting point at LCTO – Place Guillaume II) offers the excellent Wenzel tour which has become part of the UNESCO world heritage. The tour is spectacular even without access to the Casemattes, the impressive underground fortifications of the city. Access to these is only open from April to October.  The tour also named – a 1000 years in a 100 minute – is one of THE highlights when visiting Europe’s largest fortress.
Saturday evening:

Picturea) Dinner

Treat yourself to a delicious experience at Come Prima or Thai Celon. Both of these are favourite places in town and we’d suggest that you call in to book a table particularly on the weekends as eating out is very popular in Luxembourg. We’d also suggest that you have a look at our restaurant guide.

b) Clubs&Bars
Throw yourself into the crazy nightlife. People are very friendly, particularly if you speak English. We’d recommend IKKI in Clausen or the uptown area around Urban and GoTen. These are also the best places to meet some locals, although the word ‘local’ is relative as the city is incredibly multicultural with over 70% foreigners that live in the capital.
 c) Philharmonie – experience culturally highlights 
Visit the Philharmonie with its spectacular offer of international acts. Make sure what show is on beforehand, so that you can book tickets early. Some show are incredibly popular and sell out very fast. Particularly since the Philharmonie offers outstanding value for money and top acts which in London or Berlin will cost over 50 or sometimes a 100 euro can be see for a fraction of this price.
Sunday morning: relaxation & sight-seeing


We’d recommend the Badeanstalt, the inner city spa, to detox from the night before and have a relaxed start into the day. Of course you can also stroll around the city or visit Les Thermes in Bertrange. Call mobiliteit (www.mobiliteit.lu) to easily get around in the city. If Sunday is one of the open day Sundays you are in luck and have a lot more time to do some shopping. Of course chilling out over a Macchiato at Konrad or the Golden Bean is highly recommended while you watch the city slowly coming alive again.

* a map of Lux city is required which you can get to LCTO (Luxembourg city tourist office)

Luxembourg city

PictureThe capital of one of the world’s smallest countries is a vibrant, dynamic city nestled within a romantic, peaceful countryside that gives it plenty of natural space to breathe. The city is a modern, open and friendly place that has embraced the opportunities of high-tech life without losing its soul. Home to a number of EU institutions, Luxembourg is a capital with a human dimension. It is an international hub – people from 150 different countries now call it home – where major global corporate names have come to take advantage of cutting-edge technological expertise. Luxembourg has twice been honored as European Capital of Culture and it buzzes with artistic creativity such as the music, dance and theatre performances. Its ancient fortresses, dating from the 9th century, still remain and are now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.’

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