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La Soupe

9, rue Chimay, L-1333 Luxembourg
Posted on: Sat Jan 2015
La soupe is one of our favourite places to have a tasty meal over lunch. Located centrally, about 50 meters from Place d'Armes, it serves a large variety of fresh soups ranging from 'soupe du jour' (changes everyday) to 'soupe du monde' and many others. The recipes are surprisingly original and prepared with a multitude of healthy ingredients. All soups are served with a slice of bred and believe it or not, they are really filling.

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opening times:
  • Mon - Sat: 9.00 am - 7.30 pm closed Sundays

book directly: (+352) 26 20 20 47

website: www.alasoupe.net

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Urban Fox rating:

Fox Comment:

La Soupe delivers value for money to have a really tasty soup over lunch. There are 3 locations in total, including Cloche d'Or and rue Bender (Gare).

price range: 6.80-8.80€ (1soupe)
cuisine: international
location: very central - 50m from Place d'Armes
good for: casual dinners with colleagues, friends and family


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