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13-15 rue du Fort Elisabeth, L- 1463 Luxembourg
Posted on: Sat Jan 2015
Mrs Fontani and her staff know how to capture the Italian essence of ice cream making and indeed Bargello is our destination of choice when having ice cream cravings.

Located about 200 meters from avenue de la Gare, Bargello is slightly hidden away from the city crowds at Gare and is not very far from uptown either. Its interior is kept in dark, wooden tones with a warm, yet also modern design.

Bargello serves original ice cream on the sticks as well as a small selection of ice cream-like cakes. You can also choose one of the many delicious flavours and the friendly staff will pack these in a takeaway box. This might become handy if you are planning to bring the desert for a dinner.

Bargello's reputation is such that you frequently find yourself queuing to be served. On hotter days, you can enjoy the cubes of refreshing indulgence at the back of the shop on their terrace.

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opening times:
  • Mon - Fri: 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm
    Saturday: 1.00 pm - 7.00 pm
    Sunday: 12.00 am - 7.pm
    closed Monday, Tuesday& Thursday

book directly: (+352) 26 29 60 97

website: www.bargello.lu

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Fox Comment:

'Best ice cream in town.If you feel more adventurous Bargello also offers unique icecream flavours like pear and plum sorbets which are inspired by the current season. These change so it can be a nice surprise to try something different every now and then.'

type: ice cream shop
cuisine: Italian
location: about 200m from av. de la Gare, closer to the Petrusse/Viaduc
good for: chilling out with friends
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