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Luxembourg City

Wenzel UNESCO walk

experience this unique UNESCO world heritage walk starting at the oldest quarters of the city and pass many outstanding and architecturally compelling edifices - literally a 1000 years in a 100 minutes

The Wenzel UNESCO walk through space and time features 1000 years of history and has been rated ‘outstanding cultural itinerary’ by the Council of Europe. The walk across the famous Bock casemates connects the upper and lower town and offers amazing views on the fortress ramparts. It also provides an excellent introduction to the compelling history of the city, formerly also known as ‘Gibraltar of the North’ due to its formidable fortifications which were thought to be unconquerable.

Visitors discover the Bock promontory, old town, Wenceslas ring wall, the Alzette valley and Luxembourg’s fortifications and defenses (above and below ground). The walk pays tribute to Wenceslas II, Duke of Luxembourg between 1383-1419 during whose rule a part of the third ring, the so-called Wenzel wall, was erected. Information boards posted along the way, supply further details about the most important sights and the history of the city. In the archeological crypt of the Bock and the Jacob Tower, audio-visual programs have been set up to explain in depth the development of the city.

The walk starts on the Bock promontory, the cradle of the city which got into the possession of Siegfried, Count of Ardenne, in 963 and also leads to the casemates, the city’s underground defenses. An absolut must see if you are in Luxembourg!

Good to know

Getting there – Guided tour

1092019Starting point is outside the LCTO at the Knueddler (place Guillaume) each Saturday at 3pm from Easter Saturday to 31st October for a free guided tour
On request: book an additional guide for larger groups at any other time.
Contact: guides@luxembourg-city.lu

Favourite places

4893480– Bock casemates
– the ‘corniche’ (chemin de la corniche)
– the Rham plateau

Suggested Walk

walking time:
about 2 hours at a leisurely pace

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Essential information

where: Wenzel guided tour, across Grund, Rum, Clausen, Bock casematenwhat: Unesco world heritage walk that showcases the city's breathtaking historywhen: departure is every Saturday at 3pm outside LTCO (Knueddler / Place Guillaume II) admission fee: 10 euro (includes admission to Bock casemates)

Fox Comment:

The Wenzel Unesco Walk represents a truly remarkable journey across history. The view onto the breath-taking fortifications and the centuries of continuous labour and expansions by the Spanish, Austrians or French is fascinating. In many ways the birth of Luxembourg is due to its formidable fortress - the walk definitely has some Lord-of-the-Rings like moments. This is a top tour for tourists visiting the city and outstanding value for money.'

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