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Have fun with friends and family alike at one of the key fixtures over the summer which attracts about 2 million visitors each year.

Schueberfouer in Luxembourg

The Schueberfouer is an annual fair that attracts tens of thousands of visitors each day over a period of roughly three weeks. Traditionally the ‘Fouer’ starts on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday before St Bartholomew’s day (24th August) and closes on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before 12th September. It lasts exactly 20 days.

The fair was founded by John the Blind, King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg, in 1340. Originally it was a large market for everything from food and livestock to cloth and pottery but it is only in the 18th century that shows and games became part of the fair. Over the last few decades, the iconic Bellevue Ferris Wheel has come to dominate the center area of the fair although lately it has also seen competition from other spectacular rides, most notably this year’s addition called ‘Skyfall’ which lifts thrill-seekers to a height of about 80 meters before the inevitable fall.

The fair attracts a large variety of people, both young and old, and draws in people from across the country as well as the neighbouring regions of France, Germany and Belgium. There are those that only drop by for a quick drink after work or others that visit much more frequently. The Schueberfouer can get incredibly packed particularly on weekends. A very popular section are the stalls of the numerous smaller traders located towards the back of the fair that sell anything from leather bags and spices to original games or even offer tarrot readings.

‘The Fouer’ has numerous culinary specialities on offer such as fried fish with chips (one of the national dishes), ‘Gromperkichelcher’ (small potato cakes often eaten with Apple puree) or Gyros and Bami noodles to name but a few. There are also special days, such as ‘family day’ (usually on a Wednesday) that brings in loads of kids as all rides are reduced by up to 30%, or the ‘Fouersonndeg and Braderie’ (last Sunday and Monday in August) where all roads within the city center are closed for traffic and transformed into a street market.

The Fouer traditionally ends with fireworks on the last day. An event not to be missed!


Good to know

Travel info

1092019The bus is probably the best option as parking close to the ‘Fouer’ is a major challenge and not advisable.There are excellent bus connections from pretty much anywhere in the city.
Visitors coming by car from outside should take advantage of the P+R scheme and the free bus shuttles to the fair.

Best places

4893480some of the best places:
– the area around the Ferris Wheel is great for drinks.
– small traders can be found at the back of the fair.

Event Details

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opening times Restaurants open each day at 12am Rides start at 2pm Closure weektime 1am weekends 2am

location: Glacis square (Fouerplaatz)

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Essential information

where: Glaciswhen: starts just before 24th August (St. Bartholomew) / ends +/- 12th Sepduration: 20 dayswhat: major fair, founded in 1340 AD

Fox Comment:

The Fouer' has numerous places to enjoy a drink, some of the more famous are the 'Green' and 'Blue' game named after the colours of Bofferding and Diekirch respectively.''For those that enjoy deserts, Jean LaGauffre's mouth-watering waffles with strawberry and cream are in a league of their own.' 'Why not take a ride on the Ferris Wheel with that special someone at night.' If you are really lucky you manage to do this on the last day when the fireworks take place at 10pm.

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