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Rives de Clausen

Discover the nightlife hotspot next to the Alzette.

Discover the hotspot of Luxembourg's nightlife next to the river Alzette.
The Rives de Clausen is a restaurant/bar district, established on the grounds of the former beer brewery site of ‘Mousel et Clausen’. Set on the river bank of the Alzette, the Rives cater to a wide variety of tastes and attracts an eclectic mixture of people.  You can for instance go for a drink at Dean, before heading over to IKKI for delicious sushi and then move on to Jacob’s House. Each of the bars appeal to a slightly different clientele but among the various establishments in Clausen, we can recommend IKKI and also the gourmet restaurant ‘Le Sud’. Although Le Sud comes with a price-tag, it is a great place for a special occasion and on the terrace you have a fantastic view onto Clausen.

There is a lot of good competition among the bars and they frequently organize events. The Rives can be easily reached by shuttle bus (Navette) which leaves every 15min from the Glacis car park. If you are out and about in uptown (GoTen or Palais for instance, so next to the actual Palace), an easy places to hop onto a shuttle bus is outside Badanstalt or at the top of the ‘Boc’-fels (probably closer at about 400m). The bus takes about 5min, depending on traffic and is of course free.

Some of the bars and restaurants to be found at the Rives are IKKIJacob’s house (popular afterwork and nice outdoor terrace), DeanZulu BlancTilt Bar (previously known as Verso – very popular with students/students’nights), King Wilma (very popular with locals), BigBeerCompany (received ‘TripAdvisor certificate of excellent 2015’) or RockBox for instance.

There are also bars and restaurant adjacent to the Rives, like ‘Brasserie Mansfeld’, the restaurant Ukulele or ‘Maybe not Bob’s’ besides the English and Irish pubs like Britannia or the Pygmalion.

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public transport bus Luxembourg
-frequent shuttle buses from Glacis car park to Clausen free, leave every 15m, takes 5m.

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walking tour LuxembourgStart off at Scotts, walk across to the Abtei de Neu-münster, then up the stairs to route de Trèves and rue de la Tour Jacob which leads you to the Rives de Clausen on foot and is a spectacular walk . (+/- 30 min)





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opening times 7pm till 3am

location: Rives de Clausen, L-2165 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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'We'd recommend to kick your night off in Clausen, then head uptown around the Grand Duke's Palace followed by a visit to the White House. Tip: Join your favourite bar on FB and find out when they are hosting a special event.Close to the Rives de Clausen are also within a few staggering steps the Britannia English pub and the Pygmalion Irish bar. Both attract a largely expat crowd, and after a while here you may wonder if you've actually left home at all.'

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