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Strongman Luxembourg

compete at Fisherman's 22km obstacles run 'in the heart of Europe' and show what you are made of!

Roughly 4,000 runners must cover 11 kilometers twice with 15 obstacles to overcome on one of the most spectacular and hardest courses of the StrongmanRun tour. Participants have to negotiate cold water holes, numerous ascents with steep drops, tricky climbing hurdles and deep mud pits. Obviously, it has achieved cult status.

In the meantime, Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun takes place in eight European countries and tends to sell out in every country. True to the motto “In the heart of Europe”, the event organizers aim to attract participants from Luxembourg and abroad. Luxembourg’s central location offers many people the opportunity to spend an eventful weekend in the Grand Duchy.

For the Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Luxembourg run, polo shirts and running trousers are left at home and replaced by knight’s armour, Borat, Viking and Superman costumes as well as many other wacky outfits. This combination of sporty ambition, nice craziness and a unique atmosphere make up the core of the run and turn one of the most challenging run events into a wildly fun festival at the same time.

Good to know

Travel info

The train is probably one of your best options as the train station is really close and there is very limited parking in Differdange.
by car: numerous shuttle buses operate between the start/finish line and various parking spaces around Differdange.

Best places to watch

some of the best spots:
– The start/finish area as the media are there, shops, drinks and the event party.
– In Differdange numerous supporters line the streets particularly next to the obstacles.
– Differdange city centre!

Some ideas

Many runners are disguised. It pays off to organize this early, possibly through the internet or drop by at the Partyshop in Hollerich (Luxembourg Gare) last minute.

Event Details

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opening times 7pm till 3am

location: Differdange (South Luxembourg) and the area around the town

website www.strongmanrun.eu

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Essential information

where: Ville de Differdange (south Luxembourg)what: crazy but very popular obstacle runwhen: 19th October 2014Mregistration: online at strongmanrun.eu/enThe Fisherman runs across Europe tend to sell out quickly, early registration is advised. Admission fee: 69-79 €

Fox Comment:

'The obstacle run is great fun and has an excellent vibe and atmosphere that you will definitely remember. Once you enter Differdange the streets are lined with supporters and all you hear is the music and shouts from the crowd.Some argue that the run is not as daunting as it might appear as there can be traffic jams in front of obstacles where can catch your breath as you wait for others to negotiate the obstacles. A Top event!'

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