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Come à la maison

70 route d'Esch L- 1470 Luxembourg
Posted on: Mon Jan 2016
Ask an Italian where you can find the best food and you will almost certainly get the same answer: at my mother's. 'Come à la maison', the original Italian restaurant located close to the Petrusse valley, does a great job of recreating the nostalgia of mum's kitchen, offering a range of delicious homemade dishes in a beautifully decorated and homely setting.

What sets 'Come à la maison' apart from other Italian eateries in Luxembourg is the beautifully decorated antique furnishing throughout the restaurant. On display you'll find a quirky, yet tasteful, arrangement of low hanging chandeliers and rustic dining furniture against a backdrop of vintage art. This creates a cosy ambiance that immediately makes you feel at home.

The self-described "beauty food" eatery largely serves pasta-based dishes. Take the Tagliolini a la truffe: tagliatelle covered in marscapone, olive oil and black truffles, is simple, warm, creamy and one of our favourites. The spaghetti with clams, or vongole, is a lighter but equally delicious option, best eaten caked in Parmesan cheese. Otherwise, you can try the pasta-free aubergine stacked lasagne in tomato sauce and mozzarella. There is also an array of beautifully displayed desserts to choose from and for those unable to eat gluten, all dishes are available with gluten-free pasta on request. Unfortunately the tiramisu that we tried was surprisingly a little too watery, but the panna cotta was decent.

Prices are reasonable with a two-course meal, plus wine, setting you back about 35-40 euros. The service can be painfully slow at times, particularly during peak hours. Then again this is mum's kitchen and food is meant to be consumed at a leisurely pace. For those looking to grab a quick lunch, 'Come à la Maison' has a separate deli that opens during the day and serves light salads and sandwiches.

Verdict: All round a great place to eat out with superb food in a fantastic decor that really stands out. At the moment 'Come à la maison' is second to none in terms of the atmosphere that it creates. Make sure to book a table in advance.

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opening times:
  • Tues - Sat: 11am -10pm
    Closed Sunday and Monday evening

book directly: (+352) 23 64 11 21 or comealamaison.lu@gmail.com

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Urban Fox rating:

Fox Comment:

'Drop by early in the day to browse delicious homemade products sold at the deli like pasta, oil and olive spread for instance. Then you can use these to prepare a recipe at home - mmm voilà!'

price range: 12-24€ per person
cuisine: Italian
location: in Merl towards the Petrusse valley on the main road
good for: business dinners but also dates

*per person, with a glass of wine, no starter


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