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Café des Capucins

1A, Rue Beaumont, L-1219 Luxembourg
Posted on: Tue Dec 2016
After an in-depth refurbishment in 2014 the 'Café des Capucins' quickly found its place among the established inner city lunch and dinner venues. Its modern, yet equally elegant interior has retro undertones due to its colours and their geometric pattern. They connect an interesting combination which is backed up by the wooden floors and the overall warm note. Cocktail-lovers and connaisseurs of Whiskeys or Gins will find an appealing venue in which to sip their toxic. We also liked the quality of the drinks and the knowledgeable cocktail staff.

What struck us most is the delicious food cooked up by the wizards in the kitchen. For about 10-20 euros we had an excellent fish menu with backed potatoes and a delicious creamy green peas soup which was original in taste. To be recommended - voilà!

Special events:
- The Café enters into the arena of the afterwork-venues (most recently the 'Golden ticket' series)
- The inner courtyard is an established venue of the open-air movie-nights-series on the summer-in-the-city agenda

Why go there?

A modern yet cosy venue just a few footsteps from the main shopping street - and of course delicious food.

What's top?

One of the nicest open courtyards in town!

What's not?

So new, its beautiful wooden floors still lack a bit of character.

Who goes there?

You'll find a good mixture of both locals and foreigners. It's to be hoped that with a certain degree of sophistication this also reflects in its clientele.

The Verdict

The 'Café des Capucins' raises the bar (no pun intended) for stylish lunch in the city. While it successfully jailbreaks attempts to classify it as any one thing, this is precisely its appeal. -Go there to experience its unique blend of style and discover this slightly hidden gem for yourself!

Venue details

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opening hours
  • Mon: 12am - 16pm
    Tues - Thurs: 12am - 16pm / 18pm - 22pm
    Fri: 12am - 16pm / 18pm - 23pm
    Sat: 12h - 23h
    Sun: 11am - 16pm

contact +352 27 99 06 06

location near Theatre des Capucins (central 200m from Grand-Rue)

dress code smart casual

website FB/CapucinsLuxembourg

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Customer Service rating:

Fox Comment:

'Cafe des Capucins has a really nice bar that focuses on quality drinks. We also enjoy that the Café is organizing after work events and clearly aims to make a mark. Our compliments as well to the chef who serves really tasty food. - Yummi!'

Room for improvement:

It is a shame that the opening hours of the Café are only until 11pm on Fri&Sat, but this might have to do with the licencing hours. The Café has a superb location, with accessible parking right next door and of course it is located right in the city center.

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