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41, rue du Bouillon, L-1248 Luxembourg Hollerich, Luxembourg
Posted on: Tue Sep 2015
Sobogusto stands out from other Italian restaurants because of its bohemian decor and exuberant chandeliers that set a beautiful contrast against the deep purple tones of the interior. The outside terrace has a beach-like feel to it and is outstanding in the summer.

Our latest visit was for dinner in August 2015 when we ordered 2 salads and 2 glasses of wine with no starters. Although we were a quarter of an hour delayed the waiter sorted out our reservation withouth any problems. Our salads were both very tasty, light and refreshing without being overwhelmed by a heavy sauce. The preparation of the meal can be complemented and our waiter was very attentive. They also exchanged our wine as we were not particularly impressed with the standard white wine on offer.

Although Sobogusto is located a little bit further away from the main city centre (Hollerich) it is really lively and very popular, particularly during lunch time. The setting lends itself to more intimate dinners too but you will most likely have to get there by taxi.

Overall this has been a dinner experience that we really enjoyed with good food in an exciting setting. We rated the overall experience at 4 out of 5. Particularly the attentive staff has to be recommended.

Areas of improvement: Basic wine is not really recommendable and a little on the cheaper side.

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opening times:
  • Mon: 12.00 - 14.30
    Tues - Thurs: 12.00 - 14.30 and 18.00 - 1am
    Fri: 12.00 -14.30 and 18.00 - 3am
    Sat: 18.00 - 3am
    Sundays closed

book directly: (+352) 27 76 37 00

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Urban Fox rating:

Fox Comment:

Sobogusto reminded us of some of the London-based restaurants because it has a clear concept behind it and is very atmospheric.

price range: 15-25€ per person*
cuisine: modern Italian
location: Hollerich, close to Mercedes Benz Luxembourg
good for: work lunch, intimate dates, dinner with friends

*per person, with a glass of wine, no starter


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