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Luxembourg City

Nuit des musees Luxembourg

7 city museums
open for 1 night in October

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Posted on: Sat Jan 2015

9800222The atmospheric ‘nuit des musées’, the French title for night of museums, attracts people from across the region due to its diverse cultural offers, intriguing setting and ephemeral character. For one night only, all 7 participating museums come to life after the sun has set on the Luxembourgian capital. They emerge in a new light, literally as the spectacular illumination of the Mudam or Three Acrons museum (m3e) reveal. The old London Doubledecker buses that commute between the museums visitors not only allow visitors to travel in space but also in time.

5364874_origFor some it is an evening full of discovery and excitement, where the old and familiar reappears in a new light. Others discover a capital hitherto unknown to them and then again for many tourists the nuit des musees Luxembourg represents a rare opportunity to grasp a few magical glimpses of a capital steeped in history that has been at the crossroads of different cultures from its very beginning.

All participating museums are on the so called museums’ mile also known as the museumsmile (a connecting arc on the map that looks like a smile) whose overall distance between all is a little under one mile. White pathfinder marks on the ground visually create a link between the museums but participants can also use the tesla driven limousines or one of the historical buses.

3041463_orig It is difficult to pinpoint highlights during ‘the nuit’, whether this be the historical bands that play at some of the museums or special character of the event as such. Some very popular destinations are the History Museum (3) because it is close to the Palace and then also the Casino (4) a little bit later in the night. However you cannot claim to have participated unless you have been to the spectacular M3E (6) and Mudam (7). Then again Villa Vauban (1) set within the idyllic park is enchanting. The choice is yours!

What can be seen in the 7 museums?

source: www.culture.lu

Good idea

Combine a visit to M3E with the UNESCO Wenzel tour, also known as ‘1000 years in a 100 minutes’ to get a real feel of the city’s breath-taking history. This will also include a visit to the very popular underground fortifications, the Casemate
– Look out for the food truck of Charles Sandwich for some yummy sandwiches on the ‘nuit’.

Good to know

– Entrance to all the museums is 14 euro per person
– There is a historic bus shuttle (London Doubledecker bus) between all the participating museums.
– Tesla has offered 5 shuttle limousines powered electrically that also circulate between the museums.
– ‘Wayfinder’ – thanks to a white path that connects all bus stops and museums it is easy to visually follow the paths from one to the next museum.

Museums mile

It is the variety and uniqueness of the seven cultural institutions strung out in a smile-like arc over the uneven topography that constitute the real attraction of the mile.

Venue details

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opening hours
  • 6.00 pm - 1.00 am

contact +352 22 28 09 (LCTO)

location 7 museums all based on the museumsmile

website www.nuit-des-musees.lu

entrance fee 14 € adults
12 € adults (pre-sale) / tickets to be bought at the museums
10 € adolescents
for under 12 year old, it's free

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'What many foreigners do not know is that there is an enticing afterparty at the Casino located in the underground Casemates. Many visitors explore the museumsmile before they meet up at Casino's basement for an afterparty till late into the night. The underground venue of the Casion is the perfect example of the unique blend of very modern and historic that characterizes the capital.'

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