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IKKI Sunday brunch

Rives de Clausen, L-2165 Luxembourg
Posted on: Thu Aug 2014
Sunday brunch at IkkI's in Rives de Clausen is one of the best brunches we have had in a very long time and in its oppulence and diversity can easily rival any international brunch at a five star hotel. The Asiatic buffet is excellent with loads of sea food or sushi, besides the european pastries and dishes, fruits and mouth watering deserts.

On Sunday morning the upstairs of IKKI gets plenty of natural daylight which helps to wake up you and kickstart your day.

Service is good and attentive and the Sunday brunch is a real treat when you have friends in town or if you simply want to spoil yourself.

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opening times:
  • Sundays' only
    12.00 am - 3.00 pm
    Brunch menu: unlimited, 39 euro/person

book directly: (+352) 49 69 40

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Fox Comment:

'IKKI legendary Sunday brunch offers a very large selection of food, amongst which we recommend the truffle omlette. The Sunday brunch offers an explosion of exquisite food in a great environment. If you wanted to impress anyone, this is the place to take them. The brunch is very popular though and it might be a good idea to book the day before to avoid disappointment.' Why not go for a walk along the banks of the Alzette once you enjoyed the delicious brunch?'

price range: 39€ per person
cuisine: lavish continental / Asian brunch
location: clausen, take bus/shuttle from Hamilius or park in carpark.
good for: re-energizing after a long night out, perfect way to start the day

*unlimited buffet.


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