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28-32 Place de la Gare, L-1616 Luxembourg
Posted on: Thu Aug 2014
One of latest additions to the restaurants scene at 'La Gare' is German-owned Vapiano situated right opposite the train station. Opening its doors in May 2014, the second restaurant of the German group in the city has rapidly found a regular customer base to cherish its delicious food.Vapiano's dining experience combines 'fast' food and a more extravagant experience, with distinctively modern Italian decor and high quality food options, including hand-tossed pizzas. All dough and pasta are manufactured on-site in a glass room so that customers can watch while waiting in line. In fact all meals are prepared right in front of you which tends to heighten both your appetite as well as the anticipation of finally sitting down at one of the lamp-lit tables. With its low level lighting the whole restaurant, despite its public kitchen, has a much more intimate feeling. The long oak tables in the Vapianos are an open invitation to communiation - with friends, family, or simply with other guests.

Vapiano offers traditional Italian dishes, from pizzas to a large selection of pasta variations as well as a mouth-watering selection of excellent salads. For the uninitiated it is a fun, novel and tasty experience that will leave them wanting more. Such has been the success story of the group that since its foundation in 2002, there are now over 140 restaurants.

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opening times:
  • 7 days a week: 11am -11pm

book directly: (+352) 26 48 39 22 or just walk in

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Urban Fox rating:

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'We recommend the Mista insalata as a tasty and fairly complete salad. As takeaway option it is delivered in a handy packaging that makes sure that it safely gets from A to B and can also be reused for your own salads back home. '

price range: 12-24€ per person
cuisine: Italian
location: Gare, opposite train station
good for: casual dinners with colleagues, friends and family

*per person, with a glass of wine, no starter


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