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Luxembourg City


40, Boulevard d'Avranches, L-1160 Luxembourg
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Posted on: Thu Aug 2014
Observatoire in the Sofitel Grand-Ducal is one of the best lounges in the city and features a spectacular view onto the historic old town from across the Petrusse valley.

Most nights have a chilled out and relaxed feeling and you tend to meet mostly international travellers sipping away at their cocktails and enjoying the atmosphere. There is also a great restaurant right next to it.

Given that the lounge is inside a luxury hotel, the prices of the drinks reflect this, however the overall experience makes up for it.

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opening hours
  • till 1 o'clock

contact +352 24 87 71

website www.sofitel.com/gb

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Observatoire is one of our favourite bars due to its international atmosphere, stylish decor and cosmopolitan feel. About once or twice a month the lounge is hosting special events, such as afterwork drinks, fashion shows or social get together. These are hugely popular and have a real vibe that reminds some of us of London. Tip: Get to know the right people who send you the invites to these events.

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