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Luxembourg City

Chocolate House

20, rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, L-1728 Luxembourg City
Posted on: Thu Jan 2015
Opposite the Grand Duke's Palace, and extremely popular with tourists and locals alike, is the Chocolate House where delicious and mouth-watering homemade chocolate mixtures meet hot milk to create an intoxicating chocolate brew that few people can resist.

Customers are at leisure to select chocolate dips out of the large variety of original and addictive combinations. Whether you favor a straight forward 70% chocolate mixture or nevertheless prefer a chocolate speculoos dip with star anise or in the end a chocolate dip with baileys, this house of treats will certainly entice your taste buds. On offer are also pieces of home-baked cakes that come at a legendary size and are big enough to feed two.

On weekends be prepared to wait for seating as we have hardly ever been there without a queue for upstairs' seating. In the summer they also have a great outdoor terrace where you can observe
the Grand Duke's guards at work, patrolling the entrance of the palace. Part of the scenery also includes numerous tourists that vie/fight for a picture with the guards.

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opening times:
  • Mon - Sat: 8am - 8pm
  • Sundays: 10am-8pm

book directly: (+352) 26 26 20 06

website: nat@pt.lu

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Take away a few chocolate dips to savour in hot milk on dark, rainy and long autumn afternoons or when on an emotional low. CH also has its own chocolate production on site can also be visited. (Call in to find out more).Tripadvisor 'Certificate of Excellent 2014'

cuisine: house of treats, chocolatier
location: uptown, opposite the Palace
good for: chilling out with friends & family
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