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White dinner

Bohemian dinner, somewhere in town, all in white - of course.

Many people didn’t know each other but they all decided to participate in the ‘White dinner’ organized by Mr and Mrs White under the umbrellas covering rue Philip II in Luxembourg city last year. 

‘For this sixth edition, organizers chose to serve their dinner guests under the umbrellas, turning it into a very colourful setting for a meal, despite everybody being dressed in white. Previous editions were held in such places as opposite the Casino on Boulevard Royal, at the theatre and in the rose garden in front on the splendid old ArcelorMittal building.

The White Dinner is not only a surprise dinner in a surprise location. It is also a chance to share a dinner that everyone has played a part in: some bring chairs, some tables, tablecothes or candlesticks and others, the meal! 

The sixth edition in the city centre attracted many onlookers who mingled with the guests without really understanding what was happening, but then that’s the whole point. ‘                      
parts of this text are a courtesy of Wort.lu 

Good to know

some organisation

6539225– Once you know about the details of the dinner, it helps to plan a little ahead as not everybody has a complete white dresscode hanging in their wardrobe. 

Picnic in style

4893480Some people bring candles and have all latest picnic gear at hand to picnic in style – do you? The first time round we didn’t but by now we are fully equiped.

Event Details

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opening times one evening only

location: somewhere in Luxembourg city, location to be announced last minute

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Essential information

where: somewhere in Luxembourg city, centralwhat: white dinner, ad hoc dinnerwhen: late June, start of Julyhow to participate: get to know one of the organizers

Fox Comment:

'The White dinner is probably one of the most stylish but also exotic dinners in town. Organized as a surprise dinner somewhere in town, it has a really magical atmosphere and a super energized and eclectic crowd that turns it into a real privilege to be there.Many passerbys mingle with the crowd and there is a real sense of jubilation and fun. Not to be missed!'

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