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Shopping in the capital

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Posted on: Sat Jan 2015

Shopping in Luxembourg can be full of big surprises even if the city is one of the smallest European capitals. Indeed the number and sheer diversity of the shops at hand together with the absense of any cars in the vibrant shopping area create an experience full of life and energy where you find street performers, luxury stores and quaint local stores side by side.

4557759 Exploring the Grand-Rue and adjacent streets, shoppers find a refreshing mix of local and international craftsmen and stores in one dedicated pedestrian area that also combines numerous sights and open spaces like the Place d’Armes or Guillaume II great to soak up the vibe or stroll over the local market on Saturday mornings.

There are several smaller alleys waiting to be discovered alongside the main roads where time passes quicker than you think. And then again it might be time for a well-deserved break at popular Oberweis or to explore a little further and hang out at Conrad. According to the Luxembourg city trade association there are more than 1000 shops waiting to be discovered.

‘The shops located in the city centre and in the central station district are undoubtedly one of the fundamental elements that make the capital attractive.’

Good idea

The Saturday morning market at place Guillaume II (Knueddler) can be a great place to pick up some fresh local produce.

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Fox Comment:

'There are several smaller stores that we think are good but at the risk of prejudicing our descerning readers we let you discover these by yourselves.Nevertheless, some good places that are worth exploring are Atelier Nouveau and Alazio for suits and Palais de Thés and TeeGschwendner as well as the newly opened Desigual store. Rue Phillipe II has more luxury stores that are extremely popular with Asian tourists. Finally take a break at the Golden Bean or Konrad which are more hip places to hang out.'

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