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The Steiler

anno 1691
2, rue de la loge, 1945 Luxembourg
Posted on: Thu Dec 2015
Set within a historical building constructed in 1350, 'The Steiler' is one of the oldest pubs in Luxembourg. In 2013, after extensive refurbishments, 'Ennert de Steiler' was reborn as 'The Steiler' and has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Steiler aims to provide the 'experience of a 21st century pub/café' and it certainly is an original venue with great charm. The ground floor pub has an intimate feel that combines warm leather tones with heavy, wooden beams and furniture. The bar is nice and modern. -Watch out for the Kraken! the legendary creature of the deep sea, which adds a nice touch in the basement.

The first floor has an urban, modern setting with an Edison chandelier and feels like a loft. This floor also has access to a small but beautiful terrace that is very popular with party-goers that take a break when Steiler's DJs are spinning the decks and get to know some people.

The pub/café attracts an diverse crowd with both Luxembourgians and expats mingling in a relaxed, chilled out atmosphere before the party gets going upstairs. We believe that 'Steiler' often has some of the best DJs in town that really know their stuff. The themed nights, like the 'End of Civilisation' party in 2015, are also a real highlight.

Verdict: Steiler is a bar with a clear identity and concept run by experienced staff. If you are in Luxembourg for one weekend only, make sure to drop by to experience the unique blend of local and international culture at this splendid melting pot.

Venue details

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opening hours
  • Tues - Thurs: 11am - 1am
    Fri & Sat: till 3am
    Sunday: 2pm till 10pm

contact +352 26 20 39 47

location uptown, about 400 meters from the Palace close to the museum

dress code casual

website www.steiler.lu

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Urban Fox rating:

Fox Comment:

'Steiler can become very busy at peak times, particularly after midnight. Make sure to check out the first floor which often has talented DJs spinning the decks between midnight and up to 2 o'clock. A highlight of Steiler is also the great outdoor terrace which has a great view.'Without doubt this is Luxembourg's most upmarket bar.'

Room for improvement:

As one of the nightlife hotspots it frequently becomes very popular, particularly after 11pm which can lead to overcrowding. Like all bars in Luxembourg, the bartenders could be a little quicker.

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