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posted 18.06.2014

Luxembourg city has some amazing places to live and call your home. Every now and then you find excellent flatshares that are just right, in terms of location, price and the people. Whether this is your modern loft right in the city center, whose owners want to make some extra money or a flatshare in the sought-after area of ‘La Gare’, Uptown or Belair.Yet, there are a few factors that can make flatsharing in the city a time-consuming experience:
On the one hand, you have more traditional landlords that are hesistant to accept a flatshare in their property perhaps because they are less familiar with this lifestyle and many of these initially thought about renting out their property perhaps to a young couple or family. Then again, the demand for flatsharing tends to surpass the offer. Over the last decades, Luxembourg, with its busy financial centre and thriving economy has become a destination for many skilled professionals across Europe. It has become a multicultural hub that blends making good money with a higher quality of life. It is not without reason that you frequently find expats that initially only wanted to stay for a year.


Some straight-forward things to do:

Despite this, there are some pretty straight forward things you can do to get the ball rolling:

  • We recommed that you register with a website called appartager.lu. This is one of the bigger flatshare platforms in Luxembourg where people that are in a flatshare are looking for new flatmates.
  • Secondly, it is worth reading the ‘Wort’ (the national newspaper) and their edition on Thursday which has new flats that are being advertised. It can be bought at any newsagent’s and is particularly useful for studios.
  • Thirdly, it might be a good idea to register with a property agency. However, this has the disadvantage that you have to pay one month rent as a fee. Many companies also use relocation agencies to help out new employees when they move to Luxembourg.
  • Our last and probably also strongest tip is to network amongst friends and colleagues. Chances are that if there is a really good flat, it will not come onto the market in the first place but that news about it spreads amongst friends. Therefore, it really helps to network and spread the word about what you are looking for. It is not unheard of that people rent out one flat for a shorter period of time before moving to the one they really wanted in the first place.



Good to know! – Common practice in Luxembourg (fees, deposit etc)

It is common practice in Luxembourg that once you take over a new room or flat, you have to pay one month rent and two months deposit. In other words, normally you will have to pay three months rent up front and should prepare for that. In case that you registered with an agency, you will also have to pay one more month as agency fee. Also be careful whether your monthly rent includes or excludes charges.

Average rent

If you are looking for a place anywhere central in Luxembourg city, then chances are that you will have to pay at least somewhere around 650-700 euro per month for a room. Of course there are ways to find a cheaper place, but you will certainly be hard pressed to find anything decent under 600 euro within the city. Alternatively as soon as you move further outside, prices become very affordable and public transport in Luxembourg is good.

If you have found a potential flatshare probably one of the first things you want to check is how well it is connected to the city and how to get around. Have a look at www.mobiliteit.lu or in fact call them on 2465 2465. Additionally our Relocation Guide has numerous tips and suggestions how to get yourself started!

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