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National Day – 23rd June (from dusk till dawn)

Posted On 26 Dec 2014
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The eve of the National Holiday (22nd June) is a gala occasion for the capital as the country celebrates the monarch’s birthday. Grand fireworks illuminate the Petrusse Valley and can be seen from far away. Before the fireworks, which normally take place around 10.30 or 11pm, there is also a parade with torches across the city that looks impressive at night with the glow of the fire and candles and has numerous sports clubs and societies from across the country that participate.

There are also numerous rock, pop and folklore concerts as well as DJ sessions that liven up the streets, bars and cafés of the capital. Particularly around the uptown area with the Palace, the party really gets started once the fireworks have finished but this is also true of other spots such as the Holy ghost plateau or the Rives de Clausen. Swing your hips to techno, trance or south American hot rhythms as the city transforms into one big mad open-air party.

This is without doubt the biggest street party of the year and eclipses all other events in terms of size and energy. Many DJs spin the tables around the historic uptown, but also in the Grund the streets are packed and there are numerous hotspots to be checked out across the city such as:
– the Holy ghost plateau
– place Guillaume II (normally has a stage, music, numerous stalls)
– place d’Armes
– place Clairefontaine (close to the government quarter)

The following day, on 23rd June, there are official ceremonies such as a military parade at the ‘Avenue de la Liberté’ (Gare). It’s most definitely worth visiting…if you can make it.

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Travel info

1092019The city is absolutely packed but by car you can use the PR system.

We highly advise to move around on foot, in fact realistically this is the only way to get around.



some of our favourite places:
– all streets around the Palace
– ‘rue Sigefroi’ (uptown)
– musée national d’histoire et d’art (MNHA) ‘rue Sigefroi’
– the Grund (walk towards Rives de Clausen)
– rue Notre Dame

Some ideas

Moving around on the Eve of the Grand Duke’s birthday is not so easy as all the streets are tightly packed. It’s advisable to wear streetshoes and take money out of the cashpoints before you fully join in as the street stalls often only accept cash.

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